Dynamic Auto-Painter

Dynamic Auto-Painter

Make a common digital photograph look like a painting
Dynamic Auto-Painter v5.2
22 Jan 2018
Editorial review
Dynamic Auto-Painter v4.0
26 Jul 2014
Dynamic Auto-Painter v2.6
9 Mar 2013
Dynamic Auto-Painter v2.5
20 Apr 2010
Editorial review
Dynamic Auto-Painter v2.0
18 Aug 2009
Editorial review
Dynamic Auto-Painter v1.8
7 Jun 2009

What's new

v5.2 [22 Jan 2018]
Fix for occasional crash when using mouse • Newest Reactor Library to correspond to the current Photo Reactor • Batch process enhancements: o Now the batch is remembered across sessions o You can disable files in batch and they will be skipped o It will keep track which files had been processed and you can abort and then resume o In case of crash the batch will remember which file was processed last and can resume o it will correctly skip faulty file.

v4.0 [26 Jul 2014]
- Improved engine with new presets
- Added Preset management with Preset tab and Favorites sheet
- Vector Outlines
- Retouch - ability to retouch the output after the painting is done
- Expanded Color Adjustment
- Full Editable Layers
- Uses Photo-Reactor virtual effects

v2.6 [9 Mar 2013]
- Maintenance update
- Added regular scroll bars for preset and browser
- Presets, mouse wheel support
- Preset window can expand
- Presets/Browser window can use search (make sure mouse is in the preset window, then start typing)
- Updated raw

v2.5 [20 Apr 2010]
Fix for occasional dark right border on vignette images.
Better way of Distributing and Installing User templates (Menu tools: Archive/Install Template).

v2.0 [18 Aug 2009]
# vastly improved engine for realism using a special step called dry reveal brush that comes between underpaint and detail brushes
# portrait mask - you simply paint mask over face to give the preset even more detailed instruction what part should be more realistic. Some Portrait related presets require this mask and will ask for it to be painted , but most of the presets simply benefit more with this mask but work fine without it.
# great new segmentation and simplify process that can be plugged as part of the AOP process (used now in portrait oriented styles to simplify background)
# with this all presets had been tweaked and number of parameters in AOP tripled or maybe quadrupled. However the main interface remains same, those new params are hidden in the AOP.
# great new presets that benefits from the added simplification and new reveal brush
# new realistic preset that still somehow look painted yet realistic
# Save/load current state (currently set parameters)
# Color Impressions - this is a new way for dynamic palette working (no longer painting of the same tonality) - simply load any existing painting image and the painted result will match the color of that particular painting. There is also gallery of some preset paintings. So lets say you select van gogh preset load your photo and then select color impression of some real painting -and you have instant new palette matching the sample painting (pretty cool).
# Remove unwanted parts from photo
# Optional automatic backup of every process (output and state)
# AutoSize brush - driven by a graph of brush size over time

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