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Make a common digital photograph look like a painting
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Dynamic Auto-Painter is intended to make a common digital photograph look like a painting. The basic operation is quite simple; it is enough to load a picture and click on a button and the program starts repainting it. However, if you want to go further and create a personalized painting, it may turn a little tricky at times, as there are multiple effects and parameters you have to pay attention to.

Fortunately, the program comes with a complete package of presets based on various artistic styles, which allow you to simulate the work of very famous painters. And even if you do not know them, there are samples that help you get an idea of what the results will look like. Additionally, you can make the output look expressionistic, impressionistic or realistic and choose brush sizes, among other things. It is nice that these options are separated into various tabs. Good news is that the tool supports processing an image in batches.

Watching the program process your image is quite impressive as the program seems to be actually painting. It starts from scratch and then adds brushstrokes in different layers. Luckily, you can even participate in the painting to highlight given parts of the picture. At this point, you can define the number of strokes, or, on the contrary, set the program to work in continuous mode until it has achieved the desired results. Finally, you can retouch whatever detail you think is necessary. When the work is done, it is possible to export in various pictures formats.

As a conclusion, although it is true that there are other programs that let you apply visual filters that make a photo look like a painting, Dynamic Auto-Painter is definitely much better than any other similar tool. Fortunately, both editions of this product, Standard, and Pro are free to try for a limited period of time.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple presets with artistic styles
  • Batch processing
  • Impressive results
  • Various output formats


  • May be tricky for beginners
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